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Connectify (Windows XP/Vista/7)

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Connectify is the ultimate mobile wireless hotspot maker.

Create and share a wireless network from your computer in seconds.

Easy to use and it works for all types of devices.

Many devices do not support ad hoc networking. Although the feature is available in Windows 7 it also requires a compatible device. New standards such as wi-fi direct are appearing but it is unlikely your current phone, tablet, laptop, desktop ... will support it yet.

Connectify provides an easy to use wireless hotspot right from your computer, no router required.

So here's how it works..

You need a computer running XP or Vista or Windows 7 which is connected to the internet and has a spare wireless card. If your current computer connects to the internet using wireless then you will need two wireless adaptors in the computer for this to work. Ideally you should have this computer plugged in to your internet connection by a cable. Start it up, name the wireless hotspot and specify a password. Pull out your devices and connect to the wireless network.

If your current internet router doesn't support wireless, why spend money buying a new router when you can plug in a computer with a spare wireless card and instantly provide wireless access for your house. Save money using your mobile devices on wireless and get faster downloads.


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